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yiyaniQ Welcomes Hanna Martins Morilhas

Apr 28, 2022

Exceptional young scientist to join Perimeter Institute and yiyaniQ in summer of 2022

Hanna Martins Morilhas, who is currently pursuing her master's degree in condensed matter physics at Universidade de São Paulo, will join the team at yiyaniQ this summer as a research intern.

She will hold this internship as part of the PSI START program, the Perimeter Scholars International Students’ Training Accelerator for Research in Theory, an online school and internship program that prepares students for graduate studies in theoretical physics.

The position was made possible thanks to a partnership between yiyaniQ and the Perimeter Institute Quantum Intelligence Lab (PIQuIL), and provides an opportunity for exceptional graduate students in quantum science to work on open problems in the financial sector.
Novel perspectives and ideas are vital in this fast-emerging field, and this infusion of young talent will help yiyaniQ develop and test novel algorithms to tackle hard computational problems in finance.

During her internship, Hanna will work closely with yiyaniQ's Chief Technology Officer, Estelle Inack, on applications of a quantum intelligent algorithm in asset management.

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