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yiyaniQ’s Minimum Viable Product is ready

Oct 24, 2023

First version of yiyaniQ's Quantum Intelligent Optimizer

At yiyaniQ, we have been developing and testing proprietary algorithms for building our quantum intelligent optimizer. By combining artificial neural networks with quantum-inspired algorithms, we have created a powerful tool for exploring complex optimization problems. These complex problems are often likened to exploring a landscape with lots of unknown ridges, peaks, and valleys. They arise in the world of condensed matter physics quite often. Interestingly, when certain real-world constraints are added to the simple problem of risk-return portfolio optimization, these exploratively treacherous landscapes reappear, signaling the need for a new approach. This signal fits the profile of a quantum intelligent optimizer very well.

During our R&D process, we have become more and more confident that these algorithms can generate a positive impact in the field of portfolio construction and allocation. Besides the complexity that real-world constraints impose on optimizing the risk-return problem, one also needs to answer the question of what assets to include in a portfolio. Given the sheer number of choices, this problem can quickly become intractable combinatorially. Our algorithms can tackle this intractability by providing near-optimal solutions which in turn empowers the user with a systematic, data-driven, and scalable approach.

Our minimum viable product (MVP) is available for users to experiment with our quantum intelligent optimizer. In this version, users can test a predefined portfolio optimization problem. The portfolios can be made of a subset or all of S&P 100 stocks. Then capital of 1 USD can be allocated amongst the selected stocks. Users are able to take the results and benchmark them against their method of choosing.

This MVP provides a preview of our final product that we would be offering in the future. The feedback we receive from users would be essential in shaping that final product. We have envisioned building a series of tools that let users access quantum intelligent technologies. Initial users will have a first row seat to test, play, and experiment with yiyaniQ’s latest developments, both on the quantum and the AI front.

We would love to hear from financial industry professionals, showcase our MVP and learn more about their most challenging problems. You can contact us on our website or LinkedIn.

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